Burke and Taleesha Hillman

2811 E. 2300 N.

Hamer, ID  83425



Burke has had and used australian shepherds all of his life on our cattle/quarter horse ranch.  He likes dogs with natural drive, instinct and ability.  His dogs are used daily on the ranch and go everywhere with him--the mountains, the desert, the swather, the truck, the backhoe, the pickup, etc.  His dogs are all extremely obedient and loyal dogs that excel as "true" stock dogs.

Taleesha really loves the aussies but has always had a love for little dogs so toy/mini aussies seemed like the logical progression.  Her dogs are her friends, her companions and her shadows.  The little dogs are basically like the standards only in a smaller, more adorable package. 

All of the dogs are our family and are very good family dogs.  They love us and we love them.  We try and have a litter of standards and toy/minis each year and the litter pages will be updated accordingly.

We hope you enjoy our site and will visit again!!

Burke and Taleesha Hillman




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