I place people on the waiting list according to the type of puppy you are looking for (i.e. personality, male/female, color, ability, prospect, etc.).  There are no guarantees that you will get the puppy you are looking for unless a (refundable--see details below) deposit is placed.  I notify those on the waiting list in the order they were placed on the list.

If you request to be placed on the waiting list, the only thing I ask is that you notify me if you find a puppy to suit your needs so that I can remove you from the list and will therefore not bother you when the litter is born.  If you do not notify me I will send information to you about the new litter and request that you notify me asap if you are still interested in a puppy or if you would rather wait.


If you place a deposit you will have first choice of the litter for the puppy you have requested (i.e. male/female, color, size, etc.).  If you send a deposit and there is not a puppy fitting your description your deposit can be retained for the next litter or returned (minus $25).


I typically ask for a $100 deposit to hold your puppy.  If your deposit is returned it will be minus the $25 (non-refundable fee).


If you place a deposit on a puppy I request that you give me your email address and a contact phone number where you can be reached.


Please send deposits to:

Taleesha Hillman

2811 E. 2300 N.

Hamer, ID  83425




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